Program Information

The ASC Quality Reporting (ASCQR) Program is a quality measure data reporting program implemented by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for care provided in the ASC setting. The ASCQR Program exists to promote higher quality, more efficient health care for Medicare beneficiaries through data reporting, quality improvement, and measure alignment with other clinical care settings.

ASCs that meet program requirements during a given calendar year (CY) receive their full payment update for the upcoming CY; ASCs that do not participate or fail to meet those requirements may receive a two percent reduction of their payment update. To participate in the program, an ASC submits quality measure data; once an ASC submits any quality measure data under the ASCQR Program, the ASC is considered to be participating in the program.

Payment Determinations

CY 2024 Medicare Payment Update

The submission of web-based measures ASC-9, ASC-13, and ASC-14 with reference to the clinical encounter time period of CY 2022 is a program requirement. ASC-11 is a voluntary measure; any numeric value submitted will be publicly reported.

Data deadlines are subject to change; please visit for the latest information.


Web-Based Measures

Aggregate data for web-based measures are submitted to CMS. Measures ASC-9, ASC-13, and ASC-14 are answered via the QualityNet Hospital Quality Reporting (HQR) Secure Portal. To submit web-based measure data and access reports, ASCs must have an active Security Official/Administrator registered with QualityNet and an active HARP account.

ASC-11 is a voluntary measure; any data submitted will be publicly reported.

More detailed information on program requirements and measures can be found in the ASCQR Program Reference Checklist and on QualityNet.

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