ASCQR Program Tools and Resources

Public Reporting
ASCQR Preview Report Quick Reference Guide

A quick reference guide for your facility's publicly reported data

Program Resources
Successful Reporting in the ASCQR Program: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Facilities Essential information for those new to the ASCQR Program
ASCQR Reference Checklist Summary of the current year’s program requirements
ASCQR Questions & Answers Tool Immediate feedback to your questions and a searchable database of past responses
ASCQR Frequently Asked Questions FAQs about the ASCQR Program
ASC ListServe Registration Email sign-up to receive the most up-to-date information and education
ASCs on QualityNet Program information and access to data submission portal and reports
CMS Extraordinary Circumstances Exceptions Guidelines and Form Please visit
ASC Contact Change Form Update your facility’s contact information
Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality Reporting Program 101 Resources for new quality reporting professionals
Measure Resources
CY 2021 Ambulatory Surgical Center Measure Reporting Dates Data collection and submission deadlines
Measure Guidelines and Tools
ASC Measures Submitted Via A Web-Based Tool: Submission Guidelines Tips for collecting and reporting ASC-9 and ASC-11
ASC Web-Based Measure Batch Submission Tool: PY2022

EFFECTIVE FOR ENCOUNTERS IN 2020 REPORTED MAY 17, 2021. ASCs are able to put real data into the spreadsheet, run checks for common errors, and export the data directly into a CSV file for upload to the QualityNet Secure File Submission (SFS) Upload Tool.
NOTE: This file does produce a security warning because of it’s interactive content. MD5 Checksum for file integrity: a79d2775a78b4418ea1bd561e566e9db

Eligible Denominator Populations For Payment Year 2021 CPT® Codes and Support for ASC-9, ASC-11, ASC-13, and ASC-14
Helpful Resources from CMS
Ambulatory Surgical Center Payment Payment rates for the ASCQR Program
ASC Quality Collaboration Measure Summary and Implementation Guide
Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Guidance and support for reporting in the ASCQR Program from the ASC Association