The video library contains short educational videos on key concepts in the ASCQR Program. All videos are closed captioned, and many are available in both English and Spanish. At the end of most videos, you can print a sheet outlining the process covered in the video, as well as practice the process in an interactive simulation.

Click any link in the table below to view a video.

Title (click to view video) Description
ASCQR Reconsideration Process Learn about the APU reconsideration process and walk through the Reconsideration Request Form


Guides for getting started with the ASCQR Program.

Successful Reporting in the ASCQR Program: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Facilities Essential information for those new to the ASCQR Program
ASCQR ListServe Registration Email sign-up to receive the most up-to-date information and education
ASCQR on QualityNet Program information and access to data submission portal and reports
CY 2022 ASC Measure Reporting Dates Submission dates for the current year’s Payment Determination