Hospital OQR Program Tools and Resources

Public Reporting

Outpatient Public Reporting Preview Quick Reference Guide A quick reference guide for your facility’s publicly reported data
Outpatient Public Reporting Preview Report Help Guide An instructional guide for hospitals on how to access and understand publicly reported data

Program Resources

Successful Reporting in the Hospital OQR Program: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Facilities Essential information for those new to the Hospital OQR Program
Hospital OQR Important Dates for Calendar Year 2022 Payment Determination Summary of calendar year 2022 payment determination’s reporting dates
Q4 2020 Hospital Quality Reporting Checklist A step-by-step guide for data submission relevant to Q4 2020.
Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting Question and Answers Tool Immediate feedback to your questions and a searchable database of past responses
Hospital OQR: ListServe Email sign-up to receive the most up-to-date information and education
Hospital OQR on QualityNet Program information and access to data submission portal and reports
CMS Extraordinary Circumstances Exceptions Guidelines and Form Please visit
Hospital Contact Change Form Update your facility’s contact information
Hospital Quality Reporting 101 Resources for new quality reporting professionals

Measure Resources

Hospital OQR Quality Measures and Timelines Reporting periods and data submission deadlines for the CY 2021 Payment Determination

Measure Guidelines and Tools

Hospital OQR Measures Submitted Via a Web-Based Tool: Submission Guidelines Support for data entry into the web-based tools for current year’s Payment Determination
Hospital OQR Measures Submitted Via a Web-Based Tool: Sampling Guidelines Detailed information on sample size determination for web-based measures