Lookup Tools (PY 2020)

Web-Based Measures (PY2020)

The Web-Based Measure Status Listing is based on the most current information submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Enter the CMS Certification Number (CCN) for your facility to receive the status of your facility’s data submission for all of the web-based measures submitted via the QualityNet web-based tool as of the date indicated.

Web-Based Measure Lookup Tool

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Note: Data last updated May 16, 2019

Web-Based Measures Included:

  • OP-12: The Ability for Providers with HIT to Receive Laboratory Data Electronically Directly into their ONC-Certified EHR System as Discrete Searchable Data
  • OP-17: Tracking Clinical Results between Visits
  • OP-22: ED–Left Without Being Seen
  • OP-29: Appropriate Follow-up Interval for Normal Colonoscopy in Average Risk Patients
  • OP-30: Colonoscopy Interval for Patients with a History of Adenomatous Polyps-Avoidance of Inappropriate Use
  • OP-31: Cataracts – Improvement in Patient’s Visual Function within 90 Days Following Cataract Surgery
  • OP-33: External Beam Radiotherapy for Bone Metastases

Claims-Based Measures (PY2020)

OP-32, OP-35, and OP-36 Lookup Tool

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Enter your facility’s CMS Certification Number (CCN) into the field above to determine if your facility has a Claims Detail Report (CDR) and CDR User Guide available.

Note: Data last updated October 25, 2019

Measures Included in the Report Bundle:

  • OP-32: Facility 7-Day Risk-Standardized Hospital Visit Rate after Outpatient Colonoscopy Report Bundle
  • OP-35: Admissions and Emergency Department (ED) Visits for Patients Receiving Outpatient Chemotherapy
  • OP-36: Hospital Visits after Hospital Outpatient Surgery

Using this tool:

  • If you receive the response, "Yes," your facility has a zip file with your CDRs and User Guides located on the QualityNet Secure Portal.
    • The zip file contains three reports, with at least one of them containing claims meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • Your facility must have an active Security Administrator to retrieve the zip file from the Secure Portal.
    • If you receive the response, "No," your facility either does not have a zip file and no claims were eligible for any of these measures, or your CCN was not found.
    • Please verify that your CCN was entered accurately.

Data Archives

Visit the Archive pages via the links below to review a previous year’s web-based data submission.