FY 2018 Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) Hospital-Specific Report (HSR) Overview — 1 C.E.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Archived

2:00 PM ET


This presentation will provide an overview of the Payment-Standardized Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB) measure, including the goals of the MSPB measure, the measure methodology, and how to perform MSPB measure calculations. Additionally, participants will learn about the HSRs, where to locate their related supplemental files, how to request a review and correction, and where downloadable MSPB files can be found on Data.Medicare.gov.


  • Bethany Wheeler-Bunch, MSHA
    Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Program Support Contract Lead, Hospital Inpatient Value, Incentives, and Quality Reporting (VIQR) Outreach and Education Support Contractor (SC)


  • Cynthia M. Khan, Ph.D.
    Data Scientist and Project Manager, Econometrica, Inc.

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