The Abstraction Challenge Show: Real Questions, Real Answers

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 Archived

2:00 PM ET


This webinar will review some of the most frequently asked measure-related questions for the ASCQR Program. Join us for this scenario-based presentation and test your abstraction skills.

Target Audience:

Individuals that report data for the ASCQR Program and are interested in exploring the most commonly asked abstracting questions for this program. The presentation will use scenario-based situations to walk participants through challenging abstraction cases as well as presenting rationale for answers. There will also be interactive scenarios presented with the opportunity for participants to respond to the situation in live time.


  • Identify how to seek assistance for program-related questions and issues.
  • Describe at least 10 common barriers when abstracting measures for this program.
  • State how to contact Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with questions.


  • Karen VanBourgondien
    RN, BSN, Education Lead, Outpatient Quality Reporting and Education Support Contractor


  • The ASCQR Program Support Contractor Team
    Outpatient Quality Reporting and Education Support Contractor

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