COVID-19 NHSN Helpful Tips

You may have received an email from the ASCQR team saying your facility was not yet enrolled in NHSN, but you are unsure why you received the notification. Let's check three details that might explain why your facility has a non-enrolled status.

  • Your facility may have been enrolled after the date indicated on the email. The latest enrollment data received was from November 08, 2022; if your facility enrolled on or after this date, you would have received this message.
  • Your facility may not have a CCN populated in NHSN. Double-check that your CCN is populated by logging in to NHSN, selecting Facility > Facility Info from the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Your facility was enrolled with a Facility Type selected other than "AMB-SURG." In this case, you will need to re-enroll your facility as an AMB-SURG facility type. You can confirm the Facility Type with NHSN at and indicate your facility's OrgID and "COVID-19 Vaccination-ASC Facility Type" in the subject line.