Resources and Tools

Program Resources

Materials designed to help users understand and meet the requirements of the Ambulatory Surgical Quality Reporting (ASCQR) Program

  • ASCQR Quality Reporting Questions & Answers — Provides both immediate feedback for questions related to ASC quality reporting and a searchable database of past responses
  • ASCQR Frequently Asked Questions — Provides feedback to the most recently asked questions regarding the ASC program
  • ASC ListServe — Best source for notifications about program developments and educational opportunities
  • ASCs on QualityNet — Overview and news about program; portal for access to the QualityNet Secure Portal
  • ASCQR Program Guide for New Facilities — Essential information for ASCs new to the ASCQR Program
  • ASCQR Reference Checklist — Summary of program requirements
  • Extraordinary Circumstance Extension/Exemption documents — For use when an ASC is unable to submit data or access medical records due to an extraordinary circumstance such as a natural disaster. ASCs must submit the form within 45 calendar days of the date of the extraordinary circumstance. *

Measure Resources and Tools

Explanatory information and guidance for use in answering program measures

Cataract and Endoscopy Measure Tools

For use in collecting data for the cataract and endoscopy measures; may be modified per the facility’s needs

Helpful Resources from CMS

References and regulatory guidance

Helpful Resources from Associations

Links to materials from professional organizations